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Posted October 22: Bill Holter's Commentary Talk about “deplorable”…this is disgusting! Thousands Of California Soldiers Forced To Repay Enlistment Bonuses A Decade After Going To WarOctober 22, 2016 Read More »


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Jim Cook


By James Cook

One night in early August around 11:00 PM, my wife and I awoke to a loud bang which sounded like a door being kicked in. Almost immediately our house alarm went off. We jumped out of bed and I quickly dialed 911. The dispatcher said a squad car was on the way. We stayed locked in our bedroom waiting for the police, the alarm blaring. Finally my wife punched in the code to silence the alarm. I stayed on the line with 911 until she told me the police were quietly walking around the house. I hung up and went down to the front door and let in three policemen. They were all handsome young guys. They didn’t see anything outside and a heavy dew on the grass would have shown footprints of an intruder. They went through the house and then left us alone puzzling about what had set off the alarm. The alarm company called, we gave them the code and went back to bed.

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